[SOLVED] Welcome message for new users

Hi all,

How about having a welcome message for new users? One where we can use markdown? We have about 40 developers in the process of migrating and we already have 5 custom slash commands and 3 webhooks that they can start using.
It will be nice that upon entering a team, a welcome message is displayed to that user. Message can be composed on the Team Settings or perhaps in the console.
That way start eliminating the need for sending emails right away.


Thanks @ngcnelson for the feedback!

Could I ask your help to create a feature suggestion on the forum?

Here you and others can up-vote your idea - you get 10 votes in the feature idea forum, and each one influences the future of the project.


I have done that.

Thank you @ngcnelson! I’ll mark this post as ‘solved’ as we have the feature request up on the forum for up-voting now :slight_smile: