Periodically regenerate invite codes for all teams

we are running a dynamically growing local, non-Docker instance of Mattermost v5.25 ESR team edition.

As many teams are using link based invitations for security reasons we are looking for a config or cli command to periodically regenerate the invite codes. Ideally this should be done system-wide for all teams or after a pre defined timeout.

Any help is welcome!

Hello, @andreasb

I am reaching out to the engineering team to confirm if we have a way to do this manually using a script since I could not find any specific CLI command to auto-generate the team invite code across the organization.

Just to make sure I am understanding your use case here, I am proposing that you are looking at regenerating the team invite after an X period of time. For example:

  • Team A - regenerate every 24 hours
  • Team B - regenerate every 7 days
  • Team C - regenerate every 30 days

Or rather a global implementation across all teams in general?

Hi ahmaddanial,

at least it would be sufficient to have a default period for all teams.

Regards, Andreas