[SOLVED] When does invitation expire and can i change that?

Hi, there is an expirering time for invitations. How long is it (2-3 days i think) and may i change this?
did’nt find anything in the console, cli and config.json.


we’re just switching our users from slack to mm and some of them are not online every day.

Hi @wambacher

Thank you for your question!

If you’re sending members of your team invitations using “Invite New Member” (email invitation), this “Email Invite Salt” can be manually regenerated in the System Console under “Security” --> “Signup”.

If you’re inviting members to a team using “get team invite link”, this link does not “expire” unless it’s regenerated in “Team Settings” by a Team Admin.

Does this help?

Hi Lindy,

the first answer not but the second (team invite) will help us.


Glad that helped @wambacher!