[SOLVED] Revoking invitation to join a team / remove user from a team

I sent an invitation to someone for the wrong team. How can I revoke the invitation?
How can I remove a user from one team (but not from the other teams)?


Hi @tist

In v3.3.0 that will be released on August 16th, team and system admins will be able to remove members from a team via the “manage members” modal or via the system console.

As for revoking an invitation to a team - you could reset the "email invite salt’ in “system console” -> “security” -> “sign-up” but this might reset the salt for the server and not just the team. Alternatively, if the user does join the team, you can make them “inactive” via the “system console” -> “teams” -> “users” which will block them from signing in. Once v3.3.0 is released, you will be able to remove them from the team.

Thank you @lindy65, resetting the salt is not an option for me as it would
make the other invitations invalid too. I’m happy to hear that removing a
use from the team will be possible in the very near future.

@tist, Great! I’m going to mark this as solved for now as v3.3.0 releases tomorrow and you’ll then be able to remove a member from the team.

At the moment, revoking an invitation to join a team has not been incorporated in the roadmap but if you’d like to create a feature request so that the community can upvote it, please create one on UserVoice here.