Permissions on channel export plugin

I am evaluating the channel export plugin for use on a 5.31 E20 server. I have found this documentation, but it is pretty thin: Introduction - Channel Export Plugin Is there any more documentation on how this is setup and configured? Does it enable all users to download all channels, or are there permissions to enable which users can use the plugin?

Hello, @Chris

While there can be more room for improvement on the documentation, allow me to answer the questions that you have here:

  • The export plugin allow users to run the /export command which will then show the following message (visible to the user only). For example:
  • You will then see the message from the bot:
  • The user will then be able to download the CSV of the exported channel:

There no specific permissions schemes available to restrict the usage of the Channel Export plugin since it is currently implemented on a global level.

I would definitely recommend you to raise this up in the plugin’s Github page as an improvement to control the usage of the plugin (specific to channel admins / specific users).

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