Personal App: where is integrations and sync?

Hello dear community members
I’m using Focal board personal desktop app, I do not know how to integrate(connect) the app with other tools?
and I also do not know how to sync my workspace between devices. this is a very primary feature that a project management tool must have.
thanks in advance for your contributions.


the local focalboard app also stores the data locally. If you want to share the data between multiple clients, you would have to install it on a server (or some other kind of shared system) and login there with the same e-mail addresses and user accounts to access the same data.

The focalboard server provides an API which you could use for integration into other applications/services. Not sure where to find the API documentation, but you can get an idea about the available endpoints directly in the sourcecode:


The core of my question was if the personal app( not the server one) has the ability of supporting API, based on your reply my answer is NO.
Thank you very much Alex for your reply.


Hi Amin,

Running the server and using the webapp is not really more difficult than running the desktop app, so if you want to give it a try, it might be worth a shot.