Potential Broken Windows

Starting a thread about potential “broken windows” in the Mattermost experience.

These are fit and finish issues where we could potentially do a better job. When the number of fit and finish issues is too high, we get a “broken window effect” like a building where there are so many broken windows, people don’t notice when more windows are broken.

By fixing the issues–fixing all the broken windows–we get a nice looking building and if a new window is broken it’s noticed and it’s fixed more quickly.

@john.combs can you create a new topic “Feedback > Broken Windows” to file this topic? From there we can have community post potential broken windows we can discuss and address–including opening up tickets for community to contribute.

Sure thing, @it33_mattermost! New sub-category is now live under the “Feedback” parent category here: Broken Windows - Mattermost Discussion Forums

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Thanks @john.combs! Actually, could we tweak it to “Potential Broken Windows”? Just realize softening the wording might make this a little more like a question, and encourage engagement, rather than an opinion forum.