Potential Broken Windows - Guidelines

Starting a sub-category for “broken windows”, which are reports on usability and polish issues that lower the bar for quality in the Mattermost experience.

We use the term “broken windows” as an analogy to looking at a building. If all the windows are whole, and one is broken, that broken window gets noticed and fixed.

However when there’s too many broken windows, people stop noticing the broken windows and they don’t get fixed, and the build gets stuck in disrepair.


  • Be kind - Share broken reports in a helpful way. While it’s okay to express the emotion on how the issue impacts you (missing an important notification due to a configuration issue on a user interface that wasn’t clear enough), please avoid unnecessary negativity. Also, certainly no attacks on contributors or team members, who all have the best intentions to improve the problem.
  • Clearly identify the issue - Be as clear as you can be on identify the issue. What is often helpful is stating an “Expected” state, what you thought you should see, and an “Observed” state, expressing what you saw. This helps the reader quickly understand where you’ve coming from.
  • Explain the impact, if it’s not clear - If there’s impact beyond what’s obvious, such as putting the user at a dead end, please share about these in your report.

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