Push notification with keywords doesn't work

Hello, I encounter some problems on free edition, with push notifications. They work well with the mention @myuser. But I have also set notification for keywords, like my surname. When I test this, I do not receive any push notification. How can I handle that, I do not know how to investigate, if someone can help.

Steps to reproduce
I am using Mattermost V.v6.2.0

Expected behavior
When someone put my surname in any discussion, I would like to receive a push notification, as I receive one when they use @myusername or @all (these mention are working with push).

Observed behavior
The notification doesn’t come on the smartphone, it’s like it doesn’t work from the server.
My Mattermost server is behind a NGinx reverse proxy.

Kind regards,

Sorry, things are working again after a few tests, without changing anything… it’s like some process was sleeping… strange, if someone has an idea… I close the topic by the time.

Hi tasseb,

the team edition’s push notification service is best effort only, so it’s hard to debug that and it could well be that the notification has been sent and not processed by and part in the chain. You can, however, monitor the notifications.log file (which resides next to the mattermost.log file) and you should at least see that a notification has been posted by Mattermost and if it has been acked by the push service.