Push Notifications dont work for specific users (Classic App)

I have a self hosted Mattermostserver (Team edition) with nginx. I enabled Push notifications with the TPNS.

Server Specs:
Mattermost Version: 4.5
DB: mysql
Nginx Version: 1.8.1

Now i have an iPhone with IOS 11.2.1. I am using the Mattermost Classic App. If someone sends me a Message, the Push Notification arrives correctly. But for some Users (also with iPhones) the Pushnotification dont arrive. I checked their Phone and Mattermost config. It is quite the same as i have.
I checked the log (set to Debbug) and saw this:
If someone sends me a Message i see this:


But if someone else sends a message to a user i just see nothing in the log(i mean nothing.)
So i tried to fix this in various ways and then the strangest thing of all happened:
I logged in with my account to a phone of someone which didnt received Notifications and I received Messages.
Afterwards I loged out and the other user loged in again, and then he also received Push Notifications…
This worked for one user, not for the others but it is quite strange.
Has anybody an idea why this appears?
And why are just some users receiving Push notifications?

Hi @Ivaris,

Thanks for your feedback,

Perhaps these push notification testing steps might help?:

Also, you could ask the users to check that a session is running for the app in >Main Menu (hamburger) > Account Settings > Security > View and Logout of Active Sessions

Let us know if you still have issues and we’ll troubleshoot further…

Hello @lindy65
Thanks for your reply.
I already activated the notifications as in the manuall described. It didnt worked.
I also tried to debugg the whole thing. But again the log shows no messages for some users when sending a message to them.
I checkhed the sessions of the users and mattermost showed, that they have active sessions on theri mobile devices.

Do the users who are not receiving push notifications have custom Notification Preferences set in the channel options? The Notification Preferences are documented on this page. You’ll want to make sure that the affected users have not set their Notification Preferences > Send Mobile Push Notifications to Never for the channels that they aren’t receiving push notifications in. If they have set that value to Global Default (Only for mentions), then you will also need to check their Account Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push Notifications setting to see what the global default is set to.

@MusikPolice Thank you for your response.
I checked the settings the settings are all set to default, like they are for me.
For me that works, I specially watched on settings which could turn off notifications, but they are set
to receive push notifications.
Default the Mobile push notifications are set as following:
This is set for everyone!

Thanks for the feedback @Ivaris,

For the users who are not receiving push notifications, have they muted notifications for specific channels at all? (channel header dropdown > notification preferences > send mobile push notifications)


Thanks for the answer @lindy65
I checked the settings, but they re everywhere set to Global default.

Thanks for the feedback @Ivaris,

Would you be able to send a screenshot of the “Account Settings > Security > View and Logout of Active Sessions” screen for someone who is not receiving push notifications?

Also, just a thought, you might want to try upgrading to the latest versions of the mobile apps to see if this fixes the issue.

Thanks for the answer @lindy65
Here I got a picture of the settings of someone: (sry for german language)

Hi @Ivaris,

Thanks for the screenshot. It seems the session is showing as active so the only thing I can recommend is uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the App Store. Sometimes this “kick-starts” the push notifications again…

Hello @lindy65
Thanks for your answer.
For some of my useres (without anything) it suddenly started to send push notifications.
I really did nothing. Do you have an Idea why this happens?

Hi @Ivaris,

I’m not sure why it would suddenly start sending push notifications. Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the app helps to get the notifications started and perhaps some of your users did this?

Hi @lindy65
Yeah it helped for one user to uninstall and reinsatll the app.
I hope it will not start doing things like that again.
Thank you very much for your help.

Pleasure @Ivaris,

Glad your issue is resolved for now!