Push notifications do not work on the mobile app

Hi there! I have installed Mattermost Team Edition on my Unraid server via Docker.

I’m using it behind a reverse proxy via Nginx Proxy Manager. Thing is, everything really works - excepting for the iOS mobile app notifications.

Notifications do work on the macOS client and in the logs, nothing is reflected. However, when I try to get notifications on my mobile phone, my notifications.log shows this:

{"timestamp":"2023-12-30 14:53:01.745 +02:00","level":"error","msg":"Notification error","caller":"app/notification_push.go:626","logSource":"notifications","type":"test","deviceId":"7fe9f0be2a9c2f3a75bdfaxxxx645c8711aea09b48564819cxxxxxx","status":"Post \"https://push-test.mattermost.com/api/v1/send_push\": dial tcp: lookup push-test.mattermost.com: i/o timeout"}

Furthermore, when I login in the mobile app, I get an alert that states the following:
Notifications could not be received from this server.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you!

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