Push notification doesn't work on free edition

After lot of investigation, I am still not able to make work push notifications through https://push-test.mattermost.com (the default server).

Steps to reproduce
I am using Mattermost V.v6.2.0

Expected behavior
When I message or mention a user, I would like a notification to pop-up on my iPhone for example.

Observed behavior
The notification doesn’t come on the smartphone, it’s like it doesn’t work from the server.
I have already checked the logs, sync the time of the server, but I cannot help myself to understand if it’s work. I am not able to try another push notification server.

My Mattermost server is behind a NGinx reverse proxy.

Could someone help me to investigate deeper ?

Kind regards,


is there any outbound access limitation for the mattermost server, like a firewall rule preventing the server from accessing the public push notification service? When you’re on the console of the server where mattermost is installed, can you connect to the proxy from there using curl f.ex.?

# curl https://push-test.mattermost.com
<html><body>Mattermost Push Proxy</body></html>

Hi again, I post the same answer here, if anybody meet the same issue:

Hi, thank you for your help, everything has been resolved. It was a network issue, so nothing with the mattermost configuration.
I had 2 default routes after an update. So I had to remove one of them and the push notification worked after that.