Push notifications not working. seem to be missing destination DeviceId


Push notifications stopped after upgrade from 3.4. to 3.6. This happens for all mobile clients. Email notifications still work.

Steps to reproduce

MM Team Edition (currently 3.7.3, but issue began at 3.6)
Enable PN: Use iOS and Android apps on iTunes and Google Play with TPNS
PNS: http://push-test.mattermost.com
PNC: Send full message snippet

Send a DM or @mention a user.

Expected behavior

User should receive a push notification on mobile device

Observed behavior

Log files show debug message for sending a push notification, but do not include msg.DeviceId as part of the message after upgrade. It would make sense that if there were not DeviceId, it wouldn’t know where to send the message, but if then the I magically captured the moment, in retrospect, with the following consecutive push notification messages in mattermost.log file:

[2017/03/02 13:26:22 EST] [DEBG] Sending push notification to  with msg of 'darin in Town Hall: @channel hi all! just upgraded Mattermost from 3.4 to 3.6, which has some a) feature improvments, b) performance improvements, c) bug fixes, and d) security patches. Your mobile client should already be compatible, but if it's not upgraded, you should upgrade it anyway ... '```

Hi @darin,

Thanks for your message!

This issue was fixed in v3.8.0 which you can download at https://about.mattermost.com/download/

If you’d like to wait, v3.9.0 will be releasing on May 16th and will be downloadable from the link above.