Quality release and push notifications

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This is a two question in a single thread :slight_smile:

We are running Mattermost 5.24.2 Team edition on some servers. It seems like there’s an issue with the user status detection. For instance, I was not using a computer for more than 30 minutes yesterday and I didn’t receive a push notification (at least the email notifying me I had been contacted by a direct message). The config running in that instance is : https://ramattacknet.storage.saremail.com/index.php/s/Bkr9DiKeoSoFATE and the password for fetching the file is “Foro_maT$” without the double quotes.

This is why I was wondering when the quality release for the features I use (basically the group view of non read messages and Jitsi plugin) would be released. The present 5.25 is a ESR, but not a quality release… so could you know or have some sort of aproximation about when it would become available?.

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5.25 is a quality release: https://docs.mattermost.com/administration/release-lifecycle.html.
I believe a few people have seen this internally but we haven’t been able to determine repro steps.

Would you be able to share more details of reproduction steps and your environment details?