Receiving masses of notifications

I had a week off and when I logged into my office pc I got hammered with dozens of notifications (including sound for each one). Obviously there must be a better way to handle this. Maybe bundle the notifications and/or turn sound off when there are many of them.
And it is of no real use anyway to receive more than 40 notifications when some messages are already a week old.
Another strange thing happened today, when I logged in at my PC and read and answered the messages of the last days. After a few minutes I suddenly received notifications for all messages I had already read on the same PC. Is this intended?


What server version are you on? What desktop app version are you on if using desktop?

Mattermost-Version: 5.17.0
Windows App Version: 4.4.0

Although not a mattermost developer, I would be interested in getting involved with the development of a feature or modification that would, for example, when detecting a large volume of notifications, only show the most recent three, and a notification that there are multiple other messages that have been sent, instead of sending a notification for each, if that makes sense, or something along those lines.