Reducing footprint right sidebar

Currently the right sidebar is extremely wasteful in many circumstances. The footprint that it consumes is unwarranted for the benefit that it provides, an example you can see that this consumes nearly 50px in width and effectively has only two functional icons that may be used, but find relatively rare usage:

Can we please figure out a more effective method to present such functionality vs a vertical drawer/bar/shelf that consumes so much of the user interface chrome? This space would be much more valuable for content and reducing wasted space.

Personally, I think a button at the top of the bar that acts as a pin or disclosure button could facilitate this. I can understand that many people might use this heavily, but then there are those who do not. Having this disclosable/expandable and pinnable presentation could help considerably to make this presence more palatable and less intrusive for those for whom screen real estate is a premium and/or simply do not use it much.

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Yes please! I just installed the Filelist plugin, and now I have a sidebar just to get this one button! But it’s worth it when a channel has over 10k files :slight_smile: