(revisited) Restricting Mobile Access to channels/teams

Hi Community,

We want our users to have access to a select teams on their mobile device while restricting access to other channels or teams. For example, we’d like staff to message each other via mobile (notifying supervisor of a late arrival or sick day), but we want to restrict visibility on ongoing work projects in a channel or team.

Other than deploying 2 servers, how can i accomplish this?

@Gift_Of_Sight You could use private teams / channels as one option

Hi, @Gift_Of_Sight

Following up the suggestion by @amy.blais, can we please confirm if you have implemented team and channel privacy and verify that it fits the requirement that you have here?

Additionally, would you consider a finer control of permissions based on user roles as explained in the Advanced Permissions (E10/E20) documentation?

Thank you. We are all set. Appreciate the help.