Save button is grayed out in Notification settings

I come to Notification part of system console, but Save button is gray and I can’t save my changes.
How can I find the reason?

Can you please try to hard refresh your browser (ctrl - shift - r) and try again then?
As soon as you change anything on any page in the system console, the save button at the bottom should be enabled. Can you reproduce this behaviour with all settings on this page and also with other settings on other pages?

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Hard refresh didn’t do anything.
I also tested in Chrome, but it’s the same.
Besides, grayed save button gets changed to blue on other pages. But in Notification page, it persists.

Can you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing or maybe even a short screen recording? I’d like to see that the button state does not toggle although you flip configuration options on the page.

Any popup or adware blocker or the like active on your system which might prevent this page from working properly?

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I found it!
The problem was here:

Although I don’t use email notification, but display name is necessary, so it didn’t allow me to save any changes.
I put a dummy name here and save button got enabled.
Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Alright, thanks for letting us know!

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