Second TEAM doesn't work on mobile APP

Hello all.
I have two teams on my MM Server. First team working on desktop and mobile. Second team worked but last month doesn’t work on mobile app. When i try open second team on my android phone i see only white screen and can’t do anything, only closing app, delete my account from second team, open mobile app and work with first team.
Now i have this configuration:
MM Server 5.7.0
Android MM 1.15.2
But i have this problem on lates versions

UPD: i see white screen when i opened PUBLIC CHAT on SECOND TEAM

Sorry for my english =(

Hi @a.gerasimov,

Not sure if necessarily relevant to the issue, but can you help confirm if that second team is a public or a private team?

Also, can you help share your Mattermost logs next time when this issue occurs?

Hello, about public or private team. If u told about that option:
“Allow any user with an account on this server to join this team” - Yes or No.
In my option working NO

Now i’m repeated this error but didn’t see it on my logs file ( /opt/mattermost/logs/mattermost.log )

I can see Public channel “Town Square” in my mobile, but can’t see my created channels “1” and “2”

When i delete mobile APP and install it’s working… I don’t know what happened the first time it didn’t help
Sorry and thx… )))

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