Semi-automatic picture upload by plugin/bot

Hi all,
I have a (hopefully interesting) problem I’d like to get your input on. I am sure there are multiple approaches to this, hence I’d be very interested on your ideas.

I work at a 50 person large tech company which develops hardware. We have a lot of (small) goods coming in. The goods arrive in the incoming goods area, where various people are tasked with processing the goods. In most cases, it’s about letting the appropriate person know that something has arrived or if it’s unclear who ordered something, to figure out who was responsible. I am looking if we can use Mattermost in an efficient way to communicate about those incoming goods.

What I would like to achieve:

  1. Package arrives at incoming goods area.
  2. Package is photographed e.g. with a webcam.
  3. With a push of a button (on the camera), the camera takes a picture.
  4. A mattermost bot publishes the picture on an “incoming goods” channel for everybody to see.

Any ideas on how to easily achieve this?

One solution could be to have a workstation at that place where a person logs in, makes a picture and uses the regular upload function to post it, but that takes quite a number of steps to achieve. It would be nice if this could be done simpler or many people won’t bother to do it.

Another solution could be to get people mattermost on mobile and use their phone, but as it runs on closed intranet that’s currently not really a viable option.

Hey @folkert !

I am wondering why the mobile app is not an option? If posting the image in a channel is your sole objective, then the mobile app should work fine. The only feature that won’t work is push notifications.

Hi, reason the mobile app is not really a good option right now is two-fold: we run the Mattermost server only on our internal company intranet. Private mobile phones are not allowed on the intranet (and we don’t have company phones). So essentially we’re using MM only as a desktop app.

Ahh I see. In that case, your earlier approach seems reasonable to me. If we can take the picture via software (should be possible), then you can do everything in a single click.