Send message as plain E-Mail to a certain address


We use Mattermost very heavily in our company, only a few ppl use E-Mails.
We have got an E-Mail address which is used by our ticket system osTicket. I would like to forward all messages send to the user it-support in Mattermost to without any further text and with the senders E-Mail address as from-address.
Is there a plugin for this or how can I manage this otherwise?


Hi Thomas,

sorry for the late reply, not sure if this is still an active issue, but I think it would in this case be better to create a slash-command for your users, so that way they could type /it-support "my computer is broken" into the message box anywhere and the slash command could call the osTicket API to create a new ticket for your - all without sending a single e-mail. Would that help?