Set "first day of the week" for Calendar Board View

Hi everybody,

I have set up a calendar board view in Mattermost and the default first day of the week seems to be Sunday. I would very much like to set this to Monday.

I had a look into the forum and other googled resources, but could not find a solution or hint to a settings page for this. The only page within the settings console that hints into the right direction (correct localization solved this issue for other platforms in the past for me) is the localization page. I have set everything to German, but this had no effect on the calendar view (maybe far-fetched approach).

I would greatly appreciate any hint towards how to set the first day of the week in calendar view.

Best regards

Hi Peter and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

This is unfortunately not possible at the moment, but feel free to add your comment to the already existing feature request issue for that topic:

@agriesser Thank you very much for the info and link to the feature request! :slight_smile: