ShortcutBadger - Android badge counter not working

STEPS TO REPRODUCE - I’ve uncommented out the line in the app’s build.gradle file “compile ‘me.leolin:ShortcutBadger:1.1.3@aar’” which should activate the shortcut icon badge counter for HTC, Sony, Samsung, etc. but nothing happens. I have push notifications working for both iOS and Android.


DEVICE TYPES - Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M8

ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM VERSION - Android 5.1 (HTC), Android 6.0 (Samsung)

Am I missing something else? I haven’t found any other commented out code relating to this feature.

Thanks in advance for any help!

ShortcutBadger isn’t supported. Although the gradle file has a commented out library include there isn’t any code in android app that uses ShortcutBadger.

Thanks for confirming. I have a client pushing for this feature so I’ll check out the ShortcutBadger github

Hi Tomcaridi,

We are facing same issue. Let me know do you have any alternate way to get shorcut badge in Android 7

Thanks in advance