How to find unread comments

There are multiple teams and users are subscribing to them. When there is an update somewhere, badges are displayed on the iPhone application icon. At this time there are times when it is difficult to recognize where the user was updated.

The display of the team icon may change or the channel name may become bold. However, even though the application icon has a badge, users often can not find the update target. Even if the user displays all the teams, all the channels, all direct messages, the badge does not disappear.
Is this the same problem that badges and applications can not cooperate well with problems often held by third party mail applications?

Is it possible to extract unread posts exclusively for users who have passed through all teams in order to solve this problem even a little?

Hi @Babbles,

What Mattermost server version are you currently on? We recently fixed a bug (on Server v5.7) where the app notification badge doesn’t clear even if there are no new messages, so I just wanted to check in whether it’s possible that you are hitting this bug.

Server is Ver.5.7.0. App version is 1.15.2.
I experienced it several times, but it seems that there is no way to reset the badge only to logout.

Hi @Babbles,

We do have another ticket for a rarer case where the badge doesn’t disappear, and it has been fixed for an upcoming mobile app v1.16 release (to be release in February 15th): It is possible that you’re hitting that issue instead.