Possible to show all unread message in the iOS badge?


Looking at the possibility to move our dev team to Mattermost. Everything looks good, but we got stuck on a seemingly simple user need.

When using mobile app, I am relying on the badge (red circle on top of app icon) to show me all unread messages - including messages in my groups that are not addressed to me personally. However, it seems that Mattermost only shows unread mentions / direct messages in the badge. Changing notification settings impacts only the notifications, not the badges.

Is there a way to show all unread messages in the badge?

Hi @xsenna,

Letting you know that this feedback was escalated to our product managers and team - currently we don’t have this feature available but we have a related customer feature request ticket open for this. I’ll let you know any additional feedback / discussions.

Hi @xsenna, we have a ticket open here and our team will help prioritize it: https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/MM-10109.

Hi Amy,

Thank you for the reply. As I see, this is currently early stage. Will it cover our user need, with the badge for the iOS app showing all unread messages and not only messages?

Is it possible to prioritise this work if we sponsor this change?