SMTP Auth - Client Certificate

I couldn’t find this mentioned in the docs or on this forum. I’m in a situation where I need to send all SMTP messages through a smarthost that requires me to present a client certificate for authentication. Is this possible with Mattermost, to use a Client Certificate instead of username/password for authentication to the SMTP server?

Hey @ckayfish!

Certificate-based authentication (CBA) can be used to identify a user or a device before granting access to Mattermost, providing an additional layer of security to access the system.

Follow these steps to configure user CBA for your browser, Mattermost Desktop Apps and the Mattermost iOS App.

Here are the full steps:

Hope it’s useful.

Hi @SagarEspark. I’m not wanting to authenticate an end user with Mattermost, I want to specify an SMTP Client Certificate for Mattermost to use to Authenticate to an SMTP Smart Host in order to send emails.

Can Mattermost be configured to do this, even if it means editing config files, or would one need to modify code to make this happen?

Bump. Still hoping someone familiar with Matter Most know what SMTP Authentication with a client certificate is, and how we may get it to work from MM.