[SOLVED] Consecutive messages display a username over and over again

Hi guys, I’m a guy who recently tried out a local Docker copy of Mattermost in preparation for moving our stuff off of Slack.

There was one little thing bothering me quite a lot when I did that - when consecutive messages are sent by the same user, the user’s name appears once for each message, rather than stacking them consecutively like Slack or Facebook Chat does. Like below:

Would it be possible to configure the CSS / JS so that consecutive speech bubbles are shown next to each other rather than having the username and timestamp there every single time? It would save a lot of viewing space and look much nicer.

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I tried doing this myself by hiding specific elements in the PostHeader component if a specific prop was passed into it, but all that did was remove the PostHeader completely. Will the React components refuse to render completely if some part of the props doesn’t match a precompiled contract?

There’s a feature idea for upvoting on this and you’ll find a ticket there accepting pull requests.

The tricky part is handling how the message on_hover effect works when multiple messages are combined.

It looks like 1.2 solves this problem.

I see the same behavior (not grouping consecutive comments) on the Mac OS client. Hope that is coming soon!