[Solved] How do I give microphone permission to Desktop App (Linux, XFCE, USB mic)?

Thank you @Markus. This information is very helpful as it will give us a chance to at least try to fix part of this issue. I created a ticket to track this at [MM-48822] - Mattermost

Oh, well … I have to thank for your time.

One last question for my understanding: Does that mean that the error message about permissions is kinda misleading and just happend to come up because the bug made the program go the wrong path?

Yeah, that’s not an error message we explicitly check for because it shouldn’t happen really but the application cannot access the input so treats it like permission even though permissions are fine. I am working on a mitigation to at least give users a way to select a different device from the list which should hopefully let you join and communicate.

Very cool. Thank you.

Hi, I see that the bug [[MM-48822] - Mattermost ] is closed. But I just had the same issue.

Heya Sebseb538,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having issues with the Mattermost Desktop app related to the closed Jira bug MM-48822. I recognize how frustrating it can be when an issue persists, even after it’s been marked as resolved.

It’s definitely important that we get to the bottom of this. Our development team is committed to ensuring Mattermost meets your requirements and provides a smooth user experience.

Please provide as much detailed information as you can regarding the issue you’re experiencing. This includes steps to reproduce the error, detailed error logs, and any special circumstances surrounding your situation.

Thank you for your patience and for bringing this to our attention. You’re helping not just yourself, but the broader Mattermost community by identifying these issues!

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Are you sure you are using an updated version of the desktop client?
I’m asking because it took over half a year until I got the fixed version from my Linux distro. Which is very curious because it’s Arch Linux, which is normally very fast in delivering up-to-date versions.

I’m not using Linux on the desktop, so I’m really unsure about how to pursue this issue further - Thanks for the detailed logs, I’ll try to get some developer attention to this thread, stay tuned!

Well … The issue was reported because it occurred on Linux, and while troubleshooting it turned out that the cause looked very Linux-specific to me: the way it handles microphones when there is no built-in, but only an USB mic.
This problem is fixed, and I can confirm that after getting an update it works for me now.
Admittedly, I’m not 100% sure if a similar root cause can also occur on other platforms.
What I know is that the newest version fixed it for me, so on whatever platform you are using it, make sure you are using the newest version.

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I am also having issues with both v5.6.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 and v 3.5.1 on Windows 10. It works with Chrome/Chromium and no other web browser (Firefox and Edge). I am not getting the permissions request handler as depicted here in the electron forums for requesting permission.

For both calls in the server js console for microphone and camera came up as:
Microphone: uncaught DOMExcepetion: Permission denied
Camera: Uncaught OverconstrainedError

Please advise.