[Solved] Local Storage Directory settings when saving files to mounted nas storage

Please tell me the correct local storage directory I should specify.
Mount information is as follows.

I have already confirmed that when Local Storage Directory is set to /kfile or ./kfile, it is not saved to the NAS.
I don’t know the exact path I need to specify, so any help would be appreciated.

Steps to reproduce
Ubuntu 22.04
Mattermost 9.4.2

Expected behavior
When sending files to Mattermost, they must be saved to the NAS.
Please let me know the correct local storage directory for this case.

Observed behavior

Typically, /opt/mattermost/data is where you’d mount storage.

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I solved this! The cause of the problem was permissions.

Thank you!

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Excellent! Just for clarity for anyone else reading, /opt/mattermost/data would be a mountpoint to <NAS_IP>:/volume1/Mattermost

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