[Solved] Zapier integration need charset=utf-8 support

Hi guys,

has anyone setup properly a webhook in Zapier.
I mean sending data from Zapier, so an incoming webhook for Mattermost.

It works ok sending the arguments as a url post, but we’re not able to setup it properly as json.

Any luck with you?


Sorry for performing some thread necromancy, but earlier this week I created a Zapier hook to connect Trello to our internal Mattermost server and also ran into problems. It seems when using Zapier’s JSON Post functionality that they set Content-Type to application/json; charset=utf-8 and that breaks Mattermost. If I replay the same request with curl and just strip the ; charset=utf-8 the request works. I was able to work around it using Zapier’s “Custom Request” action, but that’s a little hidden and requires just a bit more work to setup.

Has anyone else seen this? We’re still running Mattermost 1.3 (hoping to upgrade in the next few days), does anyone know if this has been fixed in 1.4 or 2.0?


@Sajuka this should be fixed in Mattermost v1.4

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Yes, it’s fixed. We’ve setup a Zapier webhook to Mattermost 2.0 succesfully.
thanks !!

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