"Suggest adding a mechanism for quoting specific messages."

Currently, for a specific message, Mattermost has two basic functions: “Reply” and “Forward.” If you choose to reply, it will start a separate thread for that message. If a simple response to a message is needed and emoji reactions are insufficient, replying can make the process more complicated.

It is recommended to refer to the quoting function similar to that in WeChat Work. This quoting doesn’t require users to enter message content in the chat but is instead completed directly through a button. This makes quick responses to some messages more efficient. Please refer to the screenshots I have provided for the detailed operation process.

When I click the quote button for a particular message, it automatically fills the chat box with that message and @mentions the sender of the message. Additionally, after sending the quoted message, you can quickly jump to the location of the sent message by clicking on the quoted information.

Hi Cyber Xudd,

First off: Welcome to the Mattermost peer-to-peer forums!

Second: Thank you for the detailed suggestion and for including screenshots to illustrate your recommendation. Providing a quoting mechanism similar to WeChat Work does sound like it would improve the user experience in Mattermost by making it more efficient to reference previous messages.

We appreciate your feedback as it helps us to consider different ways to improve Mattermost for our users. We’re always looking for ways to make communication on the platform more efficient and the feature you’ve suggested does sound like a useful addition.

I’ll ensure that our development team gets this feedback. They’ll evaluate your suggestion for feasibility and possible inclusion in future releases. Remember, user feedback is essential for us to continuously improve and cater for our community’s needs, so your feedback is much appreciated!

Stay tuned to for future updates!

~John :medal_military: