The smilies make me nervous


I love mattermost and think it is a wonderful product. There is one small comment I need to make and its about the design. Generally mattermost has got an awesome user experience - it looks great and feels great. Who could ask for anything more? However the smile emoticon looks like a goofy hannibal lecter.

Each time I use it, it freaks me out. I think others have felt the same…any chance someone could make it a little less scarey!


Open to discussion, would anyone have a replacement smile that could be considered?

What is the current set called? I see there are several open source emoji sets out there. Do you mean we need to replace the entire set or one icon, or could someone within the mattermost team/community just design a slightly softer smile emoji?

The current set should be Emoji One.
I replaced many of the smilies by myself with the “default” apple ones:
For unicodes, I used the extracted ones from here:

I am not quite sure if I will replace all of them, because for the rest I have to do this manually.
Haven’t thought of a automatic replacement for now, so it may be possible in an easy way.
However I can give you my mixed set if it would help? It replaces the unicode pngs from the gemoji project, all of the smiley “faces” and some smaller things like the thumps up/down emoji or the monkey.

I am not quite sure if they are free to use, I see them on Whatsapp, Telegram, … but I could not found any legal information about this. You may could ask for copyright information here