[Fixed] Emoticon to Emoji mapping unsatisfactory (caution: nit-picking inside)

While I love Mattermost as a whole, I find myself increasingly frustrated with the mapping of the smilies, especially :) to the corresponding emoji. It is similar to the one here on the forums :slight_smile: and I hate it.

You are now welcome to laugh, giggle and/or find this irrelevant.

I think especially within teams that do not meet in person regularly and rely on text chat for most of their communication it is important to have emojis reflecting the basic emoticons somewhat accurately.

If you are still reading :-) :
My problem is that to me the :) smiley is a smiling face. The image :slight_smile: to me is a laughing face.
If I wanted someone to know I’m laughing I would use :D.
This one :D -> :smiley: again to me looks way over exaggerated to the original intention. A laughing face with huge eyes is something I know as 8-D (though I rarely use it).

Similarly with the sad smilies. :( maps to :frowning: which to me would much more accurately be written as D-:.

Possible solutions:

  • find better fitting images for the smilies
  • make an additional emoji set available that represents the classic emoticons more accurately
  • make the images only usable through colons, e.g. :smile: and leave punctuation marks alone altogether

On a general note: Does anybody else find this significant?

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I don’t like this too, emojis should be more accurate.
But it’s not Mattermost fault: http://emojipedia.org/emoji-one/

I had absolutely no intention to blame someone.
It’s simply that I find it frustrating to be misinterpreted when using emojis, so I now simply avoid using emojis because of that. :-/

In the latest Discourse :) is now mapped to :slightly_smiling: so there’s no reason MM can’t follow suit.

Should be fixed in v1.4, in future, please file these as feature ideas?

Thank you, I’m very happy to hear that!

I started a thread here, because I wanted to collect feedback and thoughts about it before starting a feature idea.
Looking back doing both would have probably been the best. Will do from now on!