Trouble adding https to Mattermost installed on Windows Server 2012


Trying to configure SSL on a native Windows Server 2012 installation of Mattermost

Steps to reproduce

We installed Mattermost following the steps in the following guide:

In the configure SSL section we followed all the steps successfully.

Expected behavior

I’m new to this and expected that typing in “https/mattermosthost:8065” to work after following the above steps

Observed behavior

When opening in Chrome I get a “This site can’t provide a secure connection” and ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

If I exclude the port and just call “https/mattermosthost” I get a “403 Forbidden: Access is denied.” but Chrome states that the connection is secure and that the certificate is valid

I’m sure these are just generic errors but wondering if anyone have also done this and have come across this that could help?