Trying to add a user to a channel from the command line


Trying to add a user to a channel from the command line, getting an error that it requires an Enterprise license. From the UI I don’t see anywhere to tie users to channels.

Steps to reproduce

Using 3.9.0 on Linux
User already created
Channel botsample already created

cd /opt/mattermost
sudo ./bin/platform channel add botsample

Expected behavior

I am in the /opt/mattermost directory, I run variations of the following command:
sudo ./bin/platform channel add botsample

I would expect that the user would be added to the botsample channel.

Observed behavior

Response is:
Error: Feature requires an enterprise license. Please contact your system administrator about upgrading your enterprise license.

Followed by usage instructions.
Is this really an “Enterprise” feature?
If not, what might I have done wrong?
If so, is there another way to do this?

Hi @datamonk,

Thank you for your questions,

Some command line tools are available only in enterprise edition E10 and higher.

You can request an enterprise trial licence here

Hope this helps?

Hi Lindy65 - yes, that helps. It confirms that I need to go another route. I have requested a license to try this out more.

Still feeling a bit dense on how I can’t find where in the UI to add a user to a group - but then so far I haven’t looked at the documentation much at all.

Hi @datamonk,

Good to hear you’re trying out enterprise with a trial licence!

Are you wanting to add users to channels? Or are you trying to create group messages in direct messages?

Heres some help with managing members and you can read about group messaging here.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: