Unable to add new users on 9.9.0

After updating to 9.9.0, while attempting to add new users, the Copy Invitation Link does not place a link in the clipboard nor does the Invite button become enabled.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add the server link to System Console → Environment → Web Server because it was lost during the upgrade (http://ip.address:8065).
  2. Restart the server. Test the URL.
  3. Visit → Invite People.
  4. Type in an email address, Invite button never activates.
  5. Click “Copy Invite Link.” Button animation occurs and text briefly changes to “Copied.”
  6. Attempt a paste and the clipboard still has the previous content.

Signup and Email Dialogs

Expected behavior
Invite link is copied to clipboard. Providing an email enables the Invite button.

Observed behavior
Neither of the above functions work.

I see that there is a cli method of adding users (Cannot create more users) but I’d like to get this working rather than having to use a workaround from now on.

Does anyone know what I am missing?