Upgrade Path from 5.25.6 to Latest

My company wants to upgrade our enterprise instance from 5.25.6 to the current version.

Steps to reproduce

  • CentOS 7
  • Postgres v9.4.26
  • Enterprise v 5.25.6
    • Database Schema 5.25.0

Expected behavior
We generally keep a pretty tight ship on running updates; however, our Matermost server has fallen through the cracks. We are currently on 5.25.6, I believe the version that was installed initially. I would like to upgrade to the latest version of Matermost. Reading through the documentation I see this:

We only support one minor version difference between server versions when performing a rolling upgrade. For example v5.27.1 + v5.27.2 or v5.26.4 + v5.27.1 is supported, whereas v5.25.5 + v5.27.0 is not supported.

I’m curious what the upgrade path is to get from 5.25.6 to 6.3?

Observed behavior

I’d recommend first upgrading to v5.37 (Extended Support Release), and then upgrading to the latest. Please also refer to the Important Upgrade Notes.

thanks for the awesome information.

Thanks for your response. One clarification question though… Are you implying I can jump directly from 5.25.6 to 5.37 and then to the latest… So only doing two upgrades?

Thanks for the question, as a precaution you can first upgrade to v5.37, then v6.0, and then the latest.

That is great! I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to preform 15+ upgrades to get to the latest. Thanks!