Upgraded without backing up [AWS EBS]

I’m very new to AWS and EBS and so I think I probably messed something up.

When I saw 1.4 had been released I downloaded the latest Dockerfile and clicked the Upload and Deploy button in my (only) environment and uploaded 1.4

When it completed deployment I reconnected to the app and it seemed like my team was no longer there.

I thought that rolling back to the previous version would restore it but it doesn’t seem like that’s working.

Can someone explain what I did wrong and if there is any way to fix it?


Hi @TheMapSmith,

The current Docker install we have is meant to be a preview - it’s not meant for production instances since it’s using a known password string and contains other non-production configuration settings.

Upgrading will erase the data in the docker container, which is likely the issue you ran into. We’re thinking about updating it to work for production, as several community members have asked for it.

There is also a production docker image built by the community you can try out, but it hasn’t been tested by the Mattermost team.