User Management > Users only shows avatar

When you go to System Console > User Management > Users, only the avatars are shown.

Steps to reproduce
Fresh install of Mattermost on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, PostgreSQL psql (PostgreSQL) 14.4 (Ubuntu 14.4-0ubuntu0.22.04.1) and PHP PHP 8.1.2 (cli) (built: Jun 13 2022 13:52:54) (NTS).

Expected behavior
Avatars, usernames and etc should be displayed for user management (delete, etc).

Observed behavior
Screenshot below:

Hi air.head.guy,

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Can you please let me know what mattermost version you installed here? Also, are these local users or SSO users and are you using a custom theme?


Mattermost Version: 7.1.2

I believe that these are called local users (they registered directly on my instance).

No, no custom theme except for the logo that I’ve changed via System Console.


Disregard this.

Apparently I had a Chrome extension (an ad blocker) that was preventing me from seeing the page correctly.

After disabling it, I can see all as expected.

Sorry for my silliness but it didn’t really crossed my mind, before now, that it could be the ad blocker.


Thanks for providing the solution - I also would not have thought about an adblocker here in the first place, but good to know that they can cause things like that!


I’m so used to not having major issues with it that it only crossed my mind right after replying to you, because I visited the instance on my mobile via “desktop site” and I could see everything correctly.

I’m wondering what’s present there that may trigger the ad blocker. :thinking:

Shouldn’t your adblocker tell you why it was blocking parts of the page? I’m not familiar with them and personally I’m not using adblockers, so I can’t give usage advice here, just would assume that when it blocks parts of the page, you can ask it why.