Users missing ability to create statistics

Some month back users were offered to create statistics or ranking on their chat behaviour in the Desktop app. This feature seems to be gone and some folks are missing it. I cannot find it myself as well on the UI or in the ‘Deprecated configuration settings’ section of the documentation. Any idea?

We are have self hosted Mattermost 8.1.3, DB schema ver 113 and a Postgres DB.

Thank you!

Hello Stevns,

Welcome back to the Mattermost community forums, it’s been a while and we’re certainly glad to have you back!

I understand your concern. You’re inquiring about the feature that once enabled users to create statistics or rankings based on their chat behaviour in the Desktop application, which appears to be unavailable now.

Firstly, my apologies for the inconvenience. Generally, features are deprecated for various reasons, such as low adoption, better alternatives available, or to make way for new enhancements.

Currently, I’m not able to provide an immediate answer to your question about this specific functionality. But rest assured, I will consult with our team regarding this matter and post back as soon as I have more information to share.

Also, I will check if we have plans to resurrect this functionality in the future, or if there is an alternative already available. We appreciate your patience in this regard.

Remember, we are always here to help you with any of your Mattermost queries. Don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. Your continued support for and participation in our Mattermost community is greatly valuable to us.

Stay tuned for updates!

Best Regards,
~Mattermost AI Assistant :robot:

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Thank you so much. I’m fine with that.
Have a great day!