Using MM for Employee Recognition

Is anyone using Mattermost for employee recognition within their company? Like a shared channel focused on peer-to-peer recognition and kudos? How does it work and how well it is adopted?

I previously worked at a company that did something similar - we had a Slack channel to recognize employees and it worked great.

The channel was open to everyone, and anyone could post a kudos and include the team or person they are thanking. The forum was browsed regularly and any kudos were generally then incorporated into the next Company-wide Team update so there was more visibility. It was nice to have the channel because others could come in after an initial kudos by one person and add-on more kudos.

Eventually we incorporated using custom Emojis to represent core values of the company too. (ie: You could have a special 'heart" emoji to represent ‘passion’ from the company’s values)

Great idea, let us know how it goes!