What does it cost to run a self-hosted Mattermost server?

Initially I was hoping to run a small Mattermost server off of a Raspberry Pi that has the Raspian Jessie Lite image on it which is a custom Debian image.

After looking around I found that I don’t think this is possible right now, however. I still wish to use Mattermost.

As the above is not possible, what is the most cost effective way to run a self-hosted Mattermost server?

What kind of low cost hardware can I set up locally that will run this and not cost me an arm and a leg, or what kind of cloud service is really cheap to run this (I don’t think that is possible lol, personally I would prefer the hardware solution) I know this is a noob’y post but I am genuinely at a loss for how I can get started with this efficiently. I would appreciate anyone setting me straight or pointing me to an article that may help but ultimately I’m just looking for what this would cost to run in terms of hardware that I can obtain and set up locally literally just to run Mattermost and communicate with a small team. I apologize is this has been answered, I have looked over and over but couldn’t find any responses to my questions, probably because the target audience is IT Admins and I am not so some of the information out there just might be going over my head.

Please give figures in any currency I just want to have an idea at the costs of running it.


You sure about that? I’d give it a try. The Raspberry Pi 3 has 1 GB of RAM, and I know I’ve seen Mattermost perform okay on a 1 GB system before.

If you give it a try, be sure to report back here how it went… I’m sure several of us here would be interested in hearing about that.

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I don’t currently have access to the upgraded model sadly I purchased a Pi2 as they released Pi3. Otherwise I would have given it a shot.

I didn’t want to just buy a Pi3 for this and then find that it doesn’t perform very well as I wouldn’t have much use for it aside from using it for this purpose, I was reading a few things that other users have said when trying to get it running and nothing good was said, that’s why I’d like to get a general idea of a minimal home server type setup and the costs involved.

If it comes down to it and all other options are a little too pricey then I’ll buy a Pi3 and see what happens. (then report back)

To anyone that is reading this and looking for the answer…

You can set something efficient up for approximately £65 - £150. Likely less if you have some bits and bobs laying around or you reuse an old computer to serve it. Shopping around is how you get it lower, and the higher end of the price is to note that it’s more than what you would need so allows some wiggle room for active use and other uses out of the server set up. To make things a little more realistic you can set something decent up for £80 - £100. (although storage capacity will be lacking at that price, enough to get things going and upgrade later if needed)

From everything that I’ve found it’s very situational to determine the cost. It would cost me approximately £8/yr to run it in active use rounding up and assuming most strenuous electricity usage. Although if you use a meatier set of hardware components that will ramp up the cost of running it, so unless you need more out of something, try to find an optimal middle ground or you’ll be paying for more than you need in electricity bills.

Thanks for the response and if anyone else would like to add to this for others who are looking for the same information then it would be appreciated.

Update: it’s only on Raspbian 32bit, where this poor performance happens. There is some sort of a golang-related quirk, (which happens in 32bit Raspbian, but not in 64bit Ubuntu) and this quirk causes thumbnail creation to happen very slowly upon image upload.

I’ve posted an installation tutorial for Mattermost Team Server 5.21 on the Raspberry Pi 4 here.

Please read this, as it contains your answer (in a nutshell, yes, a Raspberry Pi 4 is sufficient, but use Ubuntu 18.04 or 19.10, not 32-bit Raspbian).