What is the recommended max team size & max number of team?

The default team size is 50 members - what is the maximum team size? 100? 1000?

Also, what is the maximum number of teams for a Mattermost installation - 100? 1000?

I realize that a lot of this is dependent on actual server capacity, but are there other limits to performance? At what size do you start worrying? e.g. Internal algorithmic complexity?

On a related note, how many channels can a team have?


Hi, Jason.

I am fairly new to Mattermost but as far as I am concerned, it does not provide a specific scaling guide that mention the following:

  • Maximum team size (number of members per team)
  • Maximum number of teams (number of teams per deployment)

Like any other server / behind the firewall communication tool, it depends on the resources provided to the server in general. However, I came across the following thread that might provide a good explanation to this:
Team Edition - Max number of users supported on typical Team Edition deployment

Hope that helps to at least provide a better explanation to this.