Wrangler Plugin Not Working

I installed the Wrangler plugin in Mattermost (Mattermost Version: 5.31.7 on Debian Buster).

It’s config page shows up and I can configure it there. The Plugin Management page says it’s enabled.

However the /wrangler slash command is not known in the web client - even though my user is the MM admin. How to debug this? Which steps do I have to take to actually enable the Wrangler plugin?

Hello, @GOhrner

I believe that you are getting this on your end even when the Plugin Management page shows that the plugin is running:


The settings to the plugin are all enabled accordingly:

May I know if you are open to bring this issue up to the plugin’s repository page to discuss about this issue with the contributors?

I will be more than happy to create it on your behalf, if you prefer and share the link here. Let me know.


Someone else apparently also got this issue and just created a GitHub ticket for it.

I added some information about my setup there.

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