2 different server - Notifications


When we have two different Mattermost Server and we’re logged on both of them:

  • Do we have two different windows?
  • If not, are we receiving notification from the server B if the A is the one appearing?

Thank you!

Hi @Moonlight,

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Notifications are handled separately per server as well as according to how the user has configured notifications in Account Settings > General > Notifications.

If you have both servers open in different tabs in your browser, it is possible to see desktop notifications fire from each server and pop up on your screen.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, please help with further information about your set-up so we can help troubleshoot further.


Hello Lindy65,

Thank you very much for your reply!
Then does it mean that if I use the MM application, and I’m currently on the server A, I will not know if I have notification on the server B?

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The Mattermost Desktop application will show notifications from different servers as red dots near the server name. As long as you’re logged into both servers you’ll see notifications for both.

If you’re using Mattermost through your web browser you’ll see a notification in the browser tab for each server.