App loading forever in lazyload Channel screen when using mattermost 1.30.1 (App Store)


Critical error cannot use the app

Environment Information

  • Device Name: iPhone XS Max
  • OS Version: 13.4.1
  • Mattermost App Version: 1.30.1

Steps to reproduce

  • First, download the Mattermost app on AppStore.(now, version MM - 1.30.1)
  • You login to a workspace. Then logout (The error will sometimes appear: “Tap relaunch to open the app again. After restarting, you can report the problem from the settings menu.”)
  • If you continue to login to that workspace, there is no error.
  • If you login to another workspace, the App will access the Channel screen but will be loading forever in the lazyload state
    -Kill the app and reopen it, it will be saved forever by lazyload screen, so the only way is to delete the application and download it again.

Observed behavior

Possible fixes

  • Sorry, I have not found the cause of this problem!

Hi, @AiTranXuan

I noticed that you have also raised this up in the Github page as well. So, I will just include it here for additional context.

Can I please double check if you are still experiencing this in the latest version 1.31.0 as well?

If not, can you uninstall the current one that you have on your device and downgrade to 1.28.0 to verify if the same problem is observed?

Thank you @ahmaddanial so much for this quick feedback. I have upgraded to version 1.31, now the bug on the lazyload channel screen is no longer available, but every time I log out, the app crashes and asks for the relanch app but clicking relanch still fails and can’t relanch the app. This is a replay of my error: