Appium java with Travis


I am working on an Appium Maven Project where I need to be running my tests with the Travis CI tool. I need some help getting set up so anyone who can come forth and answer a few questions…would be greatly appreciated!


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Hello @Styris

Can you provide more information on what you need help on or more specifics about what you’re trying to do please?


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Thanks for responding @lindy65

Actually I need some help in about 2-3 areas…one of them is Travis. I was hoping someone could hop on to Skype with me for some time (I value your time so if you would need I can compensate you for it). So please let me know.

Other than that here is what I need for Travis specifically. I am really in the greatest of time crunches so the sooner you can help the better it would be appreciated!

  1. I am creating a Java Maven project. I know thet the travis.yml is critical to running an Appium test. Could you please send me your sample yml file that I could use to test out? (I’m currently working on iOS only…will work on Android later this year so if you have 1 or 2 separate yml files please send me)
  2. Are there any env. variable required like java, android, maven export paths that need to be sent in the yml file? Are there any installs (mom, node.js, maven, jdk etc.) required that need to be set in the yml file itself? (please include that in the file if you send me one).
  3. In Travis how can I execute some shell files (they contain my appium launch commands and mvn test command), and the POM.xml file? (I believe they will be contained in the yml file as well)?
  4. In Jenkins there is available plugins for Cucumber and Cucumber reporting…is there something similar in Travis as well?

Like I said if I can have a Skype session that would be awesome. If not…I’m hoping you can answer these questions.

Thank you!

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So… this is a peer-to-peer support forum for Mattermost, I’m not sure this is the right place to find experts on the software you mentioned. Many try Stack Overflow?