Bad performance on mobile clients (android and apple) (not beta)

bad performance on mobile clients (android and apple)

Steps to reproduce

  • pull to refresh and getting results takes usually around 20 seconds
  • uploading and posting takes alot of loading time

Expected behavior

  • not waiting that long

Observed behavior

  • windows, linux and mac clients are working as expected
  • problem was not observed in version 6.x.x

my config

  • centos 7 server
  • mm server version 7.2.0 (e10), 132 teams, 1000 users, 1200 channels, 2.5mio posts
  • nginx in front of mm is doing ssl termination

Has anyboady any idea what this could cause? The beta app on mobile behaves a little bit better but has many other problems in my opinion.


to rule out the apps themselves: Is the performance also that bad when you use the mobile web client by accessing the Mattermost webinterface through one of the browsers on the mobile devices?

the mobile web client performs as expected, also the beta client is better but has other problems

I found out that my postgresql db is bloated up heavily, even so there is a nightly vacuum job running.
Running that job manually gave me a lot of these messages

NOTICE: word is too long to be indexed
DETAIL: Words longer than 2047 characters are ignored.

is there some manual database tuning needed?

Hi again,

these notices are “OK”, it’s just about how the PostgreSQL fulltext index works; single words longer than 2047 characters are not supported and that does not necessarily needs to be a reason for your performance problem here.
What PostgreSQL version are you using?

There are several tuning primer scripts available that would help you get an idea on your current setup, so you could try one of them:

sudo -s
apt install -y libdbd-pg-perl libdbi-perl
su - postgres
wget -O
chmod 755

And post the output here, then. Maybe we can find something obvious.