Browser cannot get css files when mattermost installed in windows environment

I need to install mattermost in windows environment.
I compiled all the go code in windows.
Got all the compiled react files from the latest distribution and run the compiled go file.
Mattermost is up and running but the css is not loading.
i can see that the css files are listed in the source node of the developer tools in the browser but when i click to see the css there is nothing there.
ALSO the browser successfully gets the JS files from server but not the css.
If i run the css file link directly from browser it downloads the css file which means the link is working but it does not show the css file in the browser which it should.
I think the server is sending MiME type of text/plain or something for the css and js files thats why the browser seems to not get the css files.
Please HELP!

So… Windows isn’t a supported operating system for the Mattermost server.

Just curious, are you installing out of interest, or are there no options for Linux in your environment?