Docker - how to upgrade the running docker instance with keeping all data inside?

having run docker run --name mattermost-dev -d --publish 8065:80 mattermost/platform on mattermost ver 1.1
we would like to test version 1.2 but we would like to keep all the authorisations and all we made in the current running instance.
Is there a way we can do that?
Thank you!

It’s stated as a “single container preview” - so the team is stating this was meant to be ephemeral.

Two paths (the team might know yet another way):

1. You can extract your data and then use a newer version, with a more permanent setup

You can get a working shell inside the running container with docker exec, you can find mysql credentials here and probably do a mysql dump.

To copy files out of the container and to your host, you can use docker cp.

2. You can try and upgrade the instance inside the container

Again, use docker exec to gain a shell inside the running container, then upgrade the Mattermost instance from inside the container.

Hi @mihai_satmarean,

Thanks @pearofducks for the response. Have you taken a look at our Upgrade Guide as well?

403 forbidden on that link @eric!

Hi @pearofducks, here’s the correct link